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Faye Horne, singer

Faye Horne, singer

Faye Horne, singer




Faye Horne, singer, Discovered Stars Entertainement Agency

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A strong distinctive soulful voice

"I grew up in Leamington Spa and I've always had a passion for singing and music. I've pursued this dream by entering many competitions in my local area such as: Teen Idol, and Search for a Star. I've been told that on every occasion I impressed the judges and audience members with my voice - they said it was powerful and unforgetable.

As well as singing paying gigs I've always been open to sing for charities and I recently sang in a 'Help for Heroes' charity concert which raised £500 for Soldiers and other servicemen and women. One audience member on the evening said: "A remarkably breathtaking performance, which secured this memory in my heart forever!"
I've performed in many gigs around the areas of Warwick and Leamington which I think has made me quite well known locally.
I recently joined the Don't Stop Believing Supergroup which has given me a chance to reach a much wider audience!"



Faye is keen to work with musicians and songwriters to help further her singing career




Musical influences

Faye's influences include Tina Turner, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera and Eva Cassidy.
She's been told on many occasions that her voice reminds people of a mix between Joss Stone and Tina Turner.
Faye has a truely individual voice - often shocking audiences with the strength and volume she can produce





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