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Funky Sassy Singer Songwriter Pop/RnB

It has taken me a long time to arrive at where I am now. I have always been a performer for as long as I can remember. I have toured and gigged for around 10 years initially in a female duo and for the past 4 years as a Solo Artist.
I wasn't able to attend theatre schools as a late teenager due to a lacks of funds, not for want of trying, I held 5 jobs down and was still gigging 3 or 4 times a week to make ends meet. I was a self taught entertainer, learning basically by being on stage singing and performing, a hard and fast learning curve. Things are a bit different now, I have vocal coaching with Shirley Kent and Natalie Powers and attend Sylvia Young Theatre School. I am writing and producing my own material. My own personal experiences growing up and just viewing the world through my eyes has given me plently of material to write about.



I am currently writing and producing my first album as a solo artist and out gigging venues across the UK.

Currently I am also one third of Girl Group "DollieMix‟ a London based group currently working on a new sound that we will be hitting Record Labels with soon.

Nina and the Bottlerockets is my 4 piece band, we currently play Holiday Parks and more Corporate venues across the UK.

I'm an extremely positive person, I just keep going no matter what. I have a very bubbly and happy personality and of course I'm very down to earth!

During X Factor series 5 I appeared at the Bootcamp Stage. X Factor filmed me at home for over 8 hours shortly after my third audition: I had countless filmed interviews during the auditions.

I have been writing my own songs for around a year now. I have just collaborated with a well known DJ and the song "Be Yourself‟ that I wrote was remixed and the release is forthcoming. The Record Label flew me out to Turkey to perform the song during a live DJ set at a club in Istanbul which i loved!

My own album is taking a while to put together as High End studio costs are… well.. high end but I'm working towards an EP over the next few months.

Things are also brewing nicely for "DollieMix‟ we have recenlty been in the studio creating a new sound, which is at the moment hush hush, but we are all hoping to unleash a track soon as a full single release with video. DollieMix was put together from a national competition sponsored by UK Unsigned. There were around 10 Auditions and I was selected to be in the group from 1000's of auditionees.

I have recently appeared as an extra in several Music Videos. I've done my share of dancing too, including a show for the Mayor of Paris in Paris. I can turn my hand to many different styles including Freestyle and Hip-hop and I'm a Gold Medalist Belly Dancer!

Although not an experienced model I have done a fair few shoots and one of my full length pictures was used for a well known photographers. They had a life-sized version blown up and it was on display in Merry Hill Shopping Centre for some 6 months. My modeling has really been taking a back seat while I have been promoting myself as a singer. I have had countless photo shoots on a musical level.




Musical influences

My music is generally upbeat with a Pop RnB feel, I am not one for depressing music.
I'm influenced by a whole host of Artists and Genres, from Madonna and Kylie across the whole musical spectrum to Rolling Stones and the Smiths.
I love the Motown sound of the 60's with songs like Needle in a Haystack and Lovin is Really My Game.

Finally I would like to say that what I have the most of is the one thing that‟s seems to have vanished in the industry over the past few years which for me is the most important…. Stage Presence!

A quote that describes me perfectly:
“She has musical energy that could start a fire”





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