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Take singing lessons with The Undiscovered Stars singing school, run by professional singer Dee, and you can develop your own individual singing style in: POP, MUSICALS, R&B, JAZZ, BLUES, COUNTRY and CLASSICAL ARIAS. Our unique method of vocal tuition transforms inexperience into expressive and confident vocals.

I can already sing why do I need coaching?
Some people are born with natural talent and, whether its genetics or other factors, they seem to be able to belt out fantastic songs with ease. Others have the basic ability but need to learn what appears to come naturally to some of today’s singing icons.
Like a natural athlete once aquired these skills need to be honed and the singing voice exercised regularly to keep getting the best out of a star.

Vocal techniques are a key factor and these are the fundamental roots that will propel you into achieving your singing dream. We can help with the singing skills but of course all other aspects of getting recognized are in your hands and require hard work, patience, tenacity, strength and a little good luck.
Disappointments on this weary road are common place. It is only total commitment and belief in oneself that will overcome these hurdles on the road to fame.
Check out the profiles of some of our aspiring stars here >>


Get your singing technically correct & the rest will follow……..

You will find that the work you do in our singing lessons will reap rewards - working to our disciplined formula will bring out your true vocal potential.

One-to-one Tuition

DISCOVER your singing voice.
LEARN at your own individual pace.
INTENSE learning focused on YOU & YOUR AIMS.

Dee is passionate about her singing teaching.
If you work hard you will learn quickly.

Learn to sing Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Musicals, Light Classical Arias, Country & Folk.

In one-to-one tuition, students explore a variety of songs including songs from the Shows and Pop music. Students might perhaps start off with just a line or a part of a song and then build a full solo as their confidence increases. They can choose to practise their own repertoire of songs.

Students train to sing and perform on stage and in vocalist showcases held throughout the year, and performances can be recorded live for demo purposes at the lesson. Check out the profiles of some of our aspiring stars here >>


  • Articulation and interpretation
  • Song building: we will break the song in to Melody, Lyrics, Expression and
  • Dynamics and then develop these criteria to combine all four factors
  • Physical warm–up and relaxation
  • Development of resonance, projection and range
  • Development of vocal registers - head and chest
  • Development of proper breath management
  • Basic understanding and knowledge of the vocal instrument
  • Developing performance and communication skills
  • Pitching
  • Learning techniques such as dexterity, expression

Singing vouchers are available - why not buy one as a present for someone who loves singing? Just contact Dee for the details on 07896 852481.

For singing lessons or vocal tuition contact The Singing Teacher Dee on 07896 852481



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